TRAMm: Tell, Record, Apply, Monitor and measure*

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a personal and subjective journey, as well as our professional responsibility and mandatory requirement of registration. CPD involves the recognition of and engagement in lifelong learning. To be effective we need to Tell others, Record and Apply what we have learnt, Monitor our progress and measure the impact. The TRAMm Model, TRAMm Tracker and TRAMm Trail, collectively known as TRAMmCPD, provide health and social care professionals with a framework to facilitate the journey through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). In order to maintain registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) all registered health and social care professionals must engage in and evidence CPD. 

*Please note that the lower case ‘m’ is used to denote measure purely to differentiate it from Monitor. It has no significance in terms of importance 


A framework and tools to help you plan and record your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

TRAMmCPD has been designed to reflect the five standards for CPD laid down by the HCPC providing a framework to enable registrants to meet the required criteria to maintain registration. It has been developed by Occupational Therapists to encourage all health and care professionals to engage in, record and disseminate their CPD. ​


Background to TRAMmCPD

The TRAMm Model was initially developed in 2010 as part of an appreciative inquiry exploration of CPD, you can read about the start of our TRAMmCPD journey in ‘Creativity through Appreciative Inquiry’ (Morris et al, 2011). This early version of  the TRAMm Model was published in The Occupational Therapy Handbook: Practice Education (Polglase and Treseder, 2012). In order to evaluate the effectiveness of TRAMmCPD we ran a 12-month pilot study within NHS, local authority and education sectors across the UK, as a result of the feedback some changes were made to the original format. A summary of the changes were included in ‘A Continuous and Dynamic Journey’ (Lawson et al, 2014). Doctoral research is currently underway to begin to provide underpinning evidence for TRAMmCPD. Ethical approval has been awarded and we will keep you updated of progress. It is as a result of our ongoing research that in 2018 TRAMm Station A which was previously Activity will now be Apply. Whilst the application of learning in practice has always been implicit with the TRAMm Model the literature indicates that the Application of learning in practice is a key element which needs to be more explicit. Information about our CPD Engagement research is included on this website and in our book.

Free Downloads

You can download your free TRAMmCPD information, TRAMm Tracker and TRAMm Trails