Feedback from our users

'I have used TRAMmCPD to set out my CPD portfolio and used it at job interviews, my new manager commented that it helped get me the job and has asked me to share it with the team.'

'TRAMmCPD helped me to organise everything I had gathered in the last 2 years, it helped me to organise my own mind and to panic less about being part of the HCPC audit process'

'takes some of the stress out of being called for audit'

'easy to use' 'user friendly' 


 'helps me to organise my thoughts' 

'clear and concise way of ensuring I'm meeting the 'HCPC standards'

 'I can record as much or as little as I like and up date it as I go along' 

'I've used in Supervision and at my annual review to identify what I have learnt and highlight training needs' 

 'has enabled me to get into the routine of recording my CPD'​ ​'I take the definitions of each station as a guide rather than a concrete list'