What is TRAMmCPD?

The TRAMm Model, TRAMm Tracker and TRAMm Trail - TRAMmCPD


TRAMm - Tell, Record, Apply, Monitor and measure.

The TRAMm Model is a dynamic, interactive model which encourages interaction and provides a clear framework for maintaining and recording your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The stations can be visited in any order and for you to gain the most from the TRAMm Model we have developed tools, The TRAMm Tracker and the TRAMm Trail, collectively known as TRAMmCPD to help you keep track of your CPD. The TRAMm Information Pack now includes the latest updates and provides a brief outline with suggestions for how you can make use of the TRAMm Model, TRAMm Tracker and TRAMm Trail.  Within the pack you will find an Example TRAMm Tracker and TRAMm Trail. Your free downloads are available here. For more in depth information our book: ​A Strategic Guide to Continuing Professional Development: The TRAMm Model is now available.

The TRAMm Tracker


Designed as an adaptable, effective tool for recording and measuring learning outcomes. The TRAMm Tracker enables individuals to track their progress, record, measure and monitor their professional development. Providing a continuous journey towards fulfilling the HCPC CPD Standards. The TRAMm Tracker has been updated to reflect the change of Station A to Apply. The Tracker is available free as an auto fill document to complete on your computer or as a Word Document for you to print and complete by hand.   

The TRAMm Trail


Can be used to strategically plan your CPD to achieve your outcomes, what is it you want to achieve and how you are going to get there. The TRAMm Trail can also be used to provide a method to record in a little more depth the most significant pieces of CPD and how you have Applied your learning, which may be useful if called for HCPC Audit. The TRAMm Trail includes a section for you to record your Plan of Action. To be used alongside your favoured method of reflection.  

Our Work

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